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Fish-like autosuggestions in eshell

Update: company-eshell-autosuggest is now a package on melpa! I’ve been moving over to Emacs eshell from zsh, inspired in part by a reddit post by Pierre Neidhardt and re-motivated by an excellent video by Howard Abrams. One thing I missed from zsh was fish-like history autosuggestions, which “suggest” a previous shell command based on your current input. I thought company-mode could be repurposed to provide such autosuggestions, since its front end is pretty similar to what I wanted and you get the completion framework for free. Read more →

Freeing my shell of configuration frameworks

I use zsh. I used to use bash, but I saw many people talk about zsh and how much better it is. It was kind of scary to switch to something I was unfamiliar with and I had bash “just how I wanted it.” If this sounds familiar, just do it. Try zsh. I love it. This won’t be a post about that, though. For a quick overview about why zsh, check out this answer on Quora. Read more →